What is the definition of Beauty?

What is the definition of beauty?  According to the dictionary, beauty is “something esthetically pleasing to the eye”.   If you don’t agree with this definition, one can always fall back on the ancient old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or “beauty is only skin deep”…..No way!!  Do you really want to look like this as you get older?

Eyebrow?  Can you tell if this woman is happy, sad, angry, or excited? NO, she has no eyebrows to carry her expression. 

Where are her eyes?  Nowhere special if you can’t see them.

Kissable lips? What the heck is Prince Charming going to aim for he can’t find her lips?…. although he might take a buff from her cigarette. 

The point is…..  As we get older, we need a little color in our face.  Age gracefully with style and…… “Wake up with Makeup”!!


             Mature and lovely client  BEFORE                       Same client even more lovely AFTER