Fall Makeup 2013

Happy Fall!!  Imagine that, it’s already September and it’s hotter than a mid-July day….  The weather patterns have been unusual this summer to say the least, but the one thing that remains constant is the sun pounding down on your beautiful permanent makeup.  Remember to use sunscreen and cover your brows and lips whenever possible.  It is difficult to protect your eyeliner because sunscreen ”stings” if it gets in your eyes, so I don’t recommend putting it on your eyeliner.

A special thanks to my lovely model of the month, Maria Rose for the use of her photograph… I chose this picture because of her multi-faceted eyes with colors of amber, yellow, and caramel that remind me of Fall!!  We did her eyebrows and top eyeliner.    The clients brows are sparse and she has a slight scar over her left eyebrow..  With cosmetic tattooing the scar appears less noticeable, the brows now have a shape, and her top lashes look fuller..  GORGEOUS!

Brows and top liner BEFORE permanent makeup
Brows and top eyeliner AFTER permanent makeup