Lovely Lips ~

Lips BEFORE permanent makeup
Lips AFTER permanent makeup

Lip Procedures:

As we mature and loose collagen in our skin, our lips fade and thin out.    Permanent cosmetics is a wonderful alternative to re-define fading lips with a more youthful appearance.   Please keep in mind that the objective of permanent makeup is to add a little color to accentuate your feature.    The makeup should always be soft and natural. Daywear makeup… You can always add more for special occasions.    A heart felt thanks to my beautiful model of the month, Rhonda!! As always, thank you for your business and your trust…..Mara and Gabrielle

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  1. Hi Mara,

    I hope I have the correct person because I have your name as “Melanie?” Perhaps I just heard it incorrectly. I have seen the photos and your work looks excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing you and if I can stand it, will go for the eyeliner and lips. I like wearing an orange red lipstick because I feel I need lots of color; however, you may disagree because it may obscure my other features. We can talk about this when I see you on July 11th. I read in your bio that you are now living in one of the Carolinas. Will you be available if there are any problems or if the color needs an intensifying? Thanks, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, good to hear from you….. Yes, it’s me.. My name is Mara. I have been in business and working with doctor Hecker for close to 10 years, but my family and I moved to NC after Hurricane Wilma….LOL. We had enough of the weather. Anyway, yes I do fly back and forth because I have many clients in Florida and my family is there. It takes about 60-90 days for the skin to heal completely. I go to Florida every season, so you will see me in the Fall for any adjustments needed. Cosmetic tattooing is usually a two stop process but I will discuss that with you when we meet….. see you soon!

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