Eyebrows & Gratitude

Eyebrows BEFORE makeup
Eyebrows AFTER makeup

 I’d like to share with everyone this picture of a recent job I did.  The client is a beautiful auburn hair, fair skinned lady who desperately needed eyebrows..  Notice the before photo how her brows were sparse and uneven.  The after photo shows a soft chestnut color to compliment her hair and eyes……..  I love what I do so much and it shows in the gratitude I recieve from my clients.  Many of them travel from far away to come see me.  I recently did a eyeliner and brows on a woman from New Bern.  She absolutely loved my work and showed the result to her eye surgeon in New Bern.  To make a long story short, Dr. Meekins of Coastal Eye Clinic contacted me and invited me to work at her clinic once a month.  Tomorrow is my first day and I am super excited at the opportunity.  Sure, it’s a long drive and I’ll be gone all day but that’s ok.  I travel to Florida for makeup every third month and that’s further away.  I am grateful to my clients for their trust,  I am grateful to the doctors who invite me to work with them, and I am grateful for my husband who supports me and “holds down the fort” while I’m gone…… He knows how much I love what I do!