Lip Corrections, Oh My!


Lips BEFORE Correction


Lips AFTER Correction


One of the things that troubles me most in my industry is when a technician does not take the time to learn their craft correctly. Just because a client ask for “wine colored” lip liner, does not mean they should get it. All lips are essentially “cool” colored in nature. Therefore, if you put into the lips a “cool” color like wine, it will heal lavender/purple. See in the “before” photo how the client has a lavender lip liner which makes the lips appear purple….. As if the client was cold or freezing!! This is NOT attractive. Lips should always appear warm and full, not pale purple and cold. I had to neutralize the purple with an orange based red and added a warm rose to tone it down. The “after” photo shows a more attractive warm lip…. One should always keep in mind the qualifications of a technician when choosing a permanent makeup artist. Remember, even though the color fades a bit with time, it’s still permanent…. Therefore, shop for qualifications and not price. I’m happy I was able to correct this and the client looks beautiful. A heartfelt thanks to my lovely model of the month, Robin from New Cary for the use of her photograph!! As always, thank you for your business and your trust…..Mara