Groucho-Marx Eyebrows?

Although most of my clientele are women over 40, Every so often a young woman in her twenties walk into my office for guidance regarding makeup.  I recently had the pleasure of working with a young lady of Middle Eastern decent, olive skin, and beautiful dark brown hair and eyes.  She had a faded brow color of an old tattoo from years ago.  In an effort to cover it, she would over extend the size of the brows to the point that her brows were bigger then the rest of her face.  The minute she walked into my office, I could swear that her brows walked into the room before she did…  She literally had “Grouch Marx” eyebrows!! She was extremely sweet and passionate and explained to me that she wanted her brows re-tattooed exactly as she had drawn them.  My intention is to always make the client happy and give them what they want within reason, but when I see something as inappropriate as this I just can’t do it.  Looking at her was like looking at my own 26 year old daughter.  I pulled her aside and said (with kindness) that there was no way I was going to tattoo her brows like that.  I asked her to please trust me because she would love her new brows.  Sure enough, she did!!

Brows I gave the client