Our Style of Art!

As an artist, our vision for cosmetic tattooing is simple….. Soft and natural daywear makeup only…  Keep in mind that even though the makeup fades and does not last forever like body art, it is still “permanent” for approximately a year or two… There is nothing more that we want for our clients then for her to wake up every morning and admire the natural color that we have added with no regrets..

Permanent cosmetics should never look like evening wear, or special event makeup….  Think about it, if you look like Saturday night on a Tuesday morning when you’re doing laundry, then what is so special about dressing up on a Saturday night??

It is very important that the client selects an artist who shares the same vision.  If your vision of permanent makeup is not what we have described, then perhaps you should choose a different artist.. We want you to be happy.

Regarding Brows: For the most part, we will follow the natural brow shape of the client making some adjustments for better symmetry. WE DO NOT shave the natural brow.   We don’t want you to look like someone else, we want you to be the prettiest YOU that you can be.. Magazine clippings of a model/actress with a different facial structure won’t help..

Regarding Eyeliner:  The eyeliner we create is within the lash line only.. connecting the lashes. Giving the appearance of a fuller and thicker lash line.  We can sometimes go slightly over the lash line, depending on how well the client tolerates the procedure.  Everyone is different.. There is no textbook answer.  We will tell you that eyes have  a lot of involuntary movement and are constantly blinking during the procedure.. I’d rather do a skinny straight line, than a crocked thick one.. (:  If you have medium to dark skin tone, it’s best NOT to do your eyeliner with us… It might not be visible since our style is a tapered liner inside the lashes, and we don’t use pure tattoo ink.  

Regarding Lips:  It’s important to know that lips are quite painful, although we do use great anesthetics.  If you have a history of fever blisters, you’ll need an anti-viral prescription from your attending physician.

Who are my typical permanent makeup clients? Any woman over 35 years of age.  When we’re young, we have  extra collagen in our lips and they naturally look flush, full, and pretty.  As we get older, we lose that collagen and our lips pale in color and lose fullness.  My mother, who is 83 years old, once told me that the first thing we lose as we get older is our memory Well, I disagree.  The first thing we lose is our eyebrows…  The hair becomes sparse, uneven, and the tails are gone.  Needless to say, my beautiful mom was one of my first clients! ~Mara

A few reasons why a client would seek permanent cosmetics:

1.  Allergies to conventional makeup.

2.  Illness: Hands shake, or can’t see well enough to apply makeup correctly.

3.  Cancer: Brows or lashes don’t always come back after chemotherapy.

3.  Save time: Women who want to look presentable, but they’re always in hurry.  These women can either apply their makeup in the car while driving, or they can come see me……

“I can’t understand why a woman would go out looking a mess, for it could be the day she has a date with destiny”…… ~Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel