Blonde Eyebrows

I’d like all ladies to consider their men on Father’s Day this upcoming weekend….. Does he really need another tie? Why not give the man in your life the most beautiful “wife” he could ever have…. That’s right! Give your husband and yourself the gift of beauty and consider permanent cosmetics. “Wake up with Makeup”, not only for yourself, but for him too!

Lastly, I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Bettina Meekins for a few years now. For those of you who live in New Bern and coastal areas, you can now see me once a month at Coastal Eye Clinic. Call or email Mara for an appointment at 919-653-8997 or website:

Brows Before Makeup Eyebrows AFTER Makeup
Eyebrows AFTER Makeup

Blondes truly are among the most beautiful women in the world. With fair skin, light eyes, and golden hair, it’s no wonder beauties such as Princess Di, Michelle Pfeiffer, Farrah Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe and so many others have graced the cover of fashion magazine for decades. However, the one thing all these particular women have in common is a great makeup artist!! Have you ever seen a natural blonde in the morning? As gorgeous as they are, these women lack color in their face. Especially as we get older and our brows start to lighten or thin out. There is no greater sign of youthfulness then eyebrows. Brows frame your face and carry the expression in your eyes. If you have ever considered permanent makeup, but were afraid that the color would be too dark or unnatural because of your light coloring, then please take a moment to admire how beautiful these brows look. I used a honey brown color that matched the root of her hair…..Simply Gorgeous! Thanks Priscilla for your business and your trust….Mara & Gabrielle